Foam Science

Students will explore the science behind foam.  What is foam and how do animals use this special adaptation to their advantage?  By incorporating biology (lifecycles), chemistry (molecular structure of surfactants), and technology (Bio-inspiration), students will learn how nature is an inspiring factor for many practical inventions, from insulation to cotton candy. This virtual program is… Read More >

Old News Live Stream

The fossils are old, but discoveries are new! Join host Laura Beth Speer and Dr. Christian Kammerer, Research Curator of Paleontology, as they dive into research and discoveries made by paleontologists around the world. Each month brings new fossils, ancient organisms, and clues to help us understand earth’s history. Old News airs on YouTube live… Read More >

Spy Science of the American Revolution

Enter the world of historical espionage and learn from an actual event, the Battle of New York, how Colonial spies used the principles of chemistry, geology, and biology, as well as the beginnings of cryptography, to ensure their messages got safely to the intended party. Learn also about the cultural views regarding spies, the evolution… Read More >

Adaptations in Birds and Mammals

Using specimens from bird and mammal collections, students analyze the similarities and differences in anatomy, form and function between these animal groups and how they are affected by environmental change. Students then develop hypotheses to account for observed patterns and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of specific adaptations. This virtual program is designed to connect… Read More >

Fossils: Windows into the Past

Give your students a unique opportunity to study fossil specimens from North Carolina and elsewhere. Students examine fossils to learn how they form and how fossils tell us about the past. Students also explore how we know the age of fossils and how a geologic map can help with fossil dating and identification. This virtual… Read More >