Adaptations in Birds & Mammals

Using specimens from bird and mammal collections, students analyze the similarities and differences in anatomy, form, and function between these animal groups. Students then develop hypotheses to account for observed patterns and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of specific adaptations.
Program length is 45 minutes.

This program is held onsite at our Downtown Raleigh location.

Curriculum Correlation(s): 8.L.3, 8.L.4, Bio.2.1, EEn.2.6

Scheduling Instructions: Scheduling for the upcoming school year will begin on Tuesday, August 15th for programs in October-January, and Tuesday, August 29th for programs in February-May. To begin the scheduling process, please fill out the Onsite Group Program Scheduling Request Form.

Scholarship Opportunities: Funding may be available to cover all or part of program fees for qualifying schools. Please indicate your interest in the Additional Information section of the Scheduling Request Form.