GIS: Digital Map Making

In this class you are a scientist searching for a rare species in the remote streams of North Carolina. However, in order to decide where you to look first you must use GIS software to predict where it’s habit range most likely lies. GIS refers to computer-based mapping and modeling and is one of science’s most powerful tools used to answer questions and make predictions about important issues of the past, present and future. Using freely available data and software, learn how scientists use GIS by solving a real-world problem.
This program is 90 minutes long and takes place in the Visual World Investigate Lab.

This program is held onsite at our Downtown Raleigh location.

Curriculum Correlation(s): 7.TT.1, 8.L.2, 8.L.3, 8.TT.1, Bio.2.1, Bio.2.2, EEn.2.7, HS.TT.1

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