Computer Programming for Beginners

From scientists to game developers, computer code is used in nearly every profession. Demystify the world of computer programing by starting at the beginning! Designed to introduce basic coding skills through fun game-like lessons, this class is for those interested in learning valuable skills that are highly sought after.
This program is 90 minutes long and takes place in the Visual World Investigate Lab.

This program is held onsite at our Downtown Raleigh location.

Curriculum Correlation(s): 6.TT.1, 7.TT.1, 8.TT.1, HS.TT.1

Scheduling Instructions: Scheduling is now closed for the 2023/2024 school year. Scheduling for the upcoming school year will begin on Tuesday, July 30 for programs in October–January, and Tuesday, August 27 for programs in February–May. A link to the scheduling request form will be added once scheduling begins.

Scholarship Opportunities: Funding may be available to cover all or part of program fees for qualifying schools. Please indicate your interest in the Additional Information section of the Scheduling Request Form.