Foam Science

Students will explore the science behind foam.  What is foam and how do animals use this special adaptation to their advantage?  By incorporating biology (lifecycles), chemistry (molecular structure of surfactants), and technology (Bio-inspiration), students will learn how nature is an inspiring factor for many practical inventions, from insulation to cotton candy. This virtual program is… Read More >

Natural Sciences Classroom: Insect Lives in Water

Learn about some of North Carolina’s amazing aquatic insects! You’ll meet an insect that uses a snorkel, an insect that can eat a fish, an insect that sucks, and more from an aquatic insect expert. Event is free, but space is limited. Registration is required. Accessibility accommodations, such as an ASL Interpreter or captioning services,… Read More >

Spy Science of the American Revolution

Enter the world of historical espionage and learn from an actual event, the Battle of New York, how Colonial spies used the principles of chemistry, geology, and biology, as well as the beginnings of cryptography, to ensure their messages got safely to the intended party. Learn also about the cultural views regarding spies, the evolution… Read More >

Bones & Muscles of the Body

This Curiosity Class has gone virtual! How do the bones and muscles in a human body compare to those in other animals? In this class, students will learn about the skeletal and muscular systems of the human body while exploring those systems in other animal groups. This virtual program is designed to connect your group… Read More >