What is the Living Conservatory?

Nature Exploration Center, 4th Floor

Immerse yourself in a Central American tropical dry forest filled with living plants and animals. Encounter butterflies, turtles, tarantulas, snakes and even a two-toed sloth. Discover a vanilla orchid, pineapple plant, cashew tree and more. Explore North Carolina's connection to the tropics through migration, shared species and products.

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The Living Conservatory is currently closed.

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Volunteering and Internships

Note: Volunteering has been temporarily suspended in the Living Conservatory.

We are looking for people who are interested in the natural sciences and public interaction.

Time commitment: three-hour shifts 3–4 times per month (Tuesday–Friday, 10am–3pm; Saturday 11am–4pm; Sunday 1pm–4pm)

Training: On-the-job training, specialized training on natural history of the new world tropics and animal handling training.
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We are also seeking motivated and ambitious interns year-round for more in-depth work experiences.
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Support Us

Donations help in many ways, from enhancing the exhibit with additional live butterflies and nectar plants to expanding our educational reach through the purchase of educational components and instructional tools. Donations in any amount are greatly appreciated!

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Donations of items can be made by visiting our Amazon Wish List website. Look for “Living Conservatory” in the item description.