What can we learn from fossils? What do they tell us about the history of Earth? Through hands-on investigations, students will compare a variety of fossils, learn how fossilized plants and animals reveal clues to the past, and discover how life has changed over time. Program length is 45 minutes. This program is held onsite… Read More >

Rock Stories

Share a journey through time with the three rock types: metamorphic, igneous, and sedimentary. Learn how rocks are formed and discover some of their physical properties through stimulating activities. Students will also meet a live animal whose ancestors can be found in the fossil record. Program length is 45 minutes. This program is held onsite… Read More >

Treasures of the NC Coastal Plain

North Carolina supports a wide diversity of plants and animals, from the mountains to the sea! During this class, students will discover some of the living treasures that can be found in the Coastal Plain, unravel their connections, and discover what makes this region of our state so special. Live plants and animals native to… Read More >

Bones & Muscles of the Body

How do the bones and muscles in a human body compare to those in other animals? In this class, students will learn about the skeletal and muscular systems of the human body while exploring these systems in other animal groups and discover adaptions for locomotion along the way. Program length is 45 minutes. This program… Read More >

Adaptations of Reptiles & Amphibians

Learn about some cool adaptations while exploring these two amazing animal groups. Students will investigate a variety of reptiles and amphibians through live animals, natural history props, and biofacts, and will discover what special adaptations these scaly, slippery, and often misunderstood creatures have for survival. Program length is 45 minutes. This program is held onsite… Read More >

Animal Life Cycles

During this program, students will explore the life cycles of different animal groups which may include amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals, and insects. Through examining natural history props and specimens, as well as experiencing live animal encounters, students will learn about the different stages of development as living creatures grow and change. Program length is 45… Read More >

Animals Alive!

There are many kinds of animals in all shapes, sizes, and colors roaming our planet. They move in different ways, have various body coverings, and live in different habitats with a variety of needs. In this program, students will meet live animals, observe their similarities and differences, and learn about their habitats and needs for… Read More >