Each year over 30,000 visitors come to BugFest to experience over 100 exhibits, crafts, games and activities. We provide the opportunity for you to interact with entomologists and other scientists so you can continue learning about the fascinating world of bugs. We also feature Café Insecta, where the brave can sample buggy dishes prepared by local chefs. The best part is, it’s all free!

2019 Theme Arthropod: Beetles!

Why are beetles featured at BugFest this year? The beetle order, Coleoptera, constitutes over 400,000 species and nearly 1/4th of all known animal life forms!

Regardless of the name, BugFest, this event celebrates all arthropods, a group that includes insects (like butterflies and flies), arachnids (spiders and scorpions), myriapods (centipedes and millipedes) and crustaceans (like crayfish and crabs), as well as true bugs (like cicadas and planthoppers).

Live Australian blue crayfish.

At BugFest 2019:

  • Enjoy the entertaining displays, exhibits and activities — both inside and outside the Museum.
  • Learn about arthropods, which make up three-quarters of all animals on Earth, during fascinating presentations.
  • Taste delectable dishes featuring creepy crawlers as a major ingredient at Café Insecta.

Send us an email at the following links if you are interested in:

BUGFEST: Inside the Museum

All four floors of the Museum will be filled with buggy fun!

NEC 1st floor is open from 9am-7pm

BUGFEST: Outdoors

9am–7 pm
Jones Street, Bicentennial Plaza, and Edenton Street will be teeming with fun activities, bug stations, and a street carnival.

If you need any accommodations to attend the event, please contact David Wood.