Tropical Butterflies in Slow Motion & Behind the Scenes in the Conservatory!

For immediate release ‐ December 16, 2021

Contact: Jon Pishney, 919.707.8083. Images available upon request

Dr. Adrian Smith, Head of the Museum’s Evolutionary Biology & Behavior Lab, is out with a new video! The YouTube sensation filmed slow motion flight and time-lapse sequences of tropical butterflies emerging from their pupae, and taking flight, and gives a behind-the-scenes tour of our walk-in tropical dry forest exhibit.

Check out for info about when to visit the Museum. Right now (Dec, 2021) the Conservatory (butterfly room) is not open to the public due to Covid-related safety measures, but we hope to invite guests back to this spectacular exhibit soon!

Video Content

  • 00:00 – owl butterfly
  • 01:09 – behind the scenes
  • 02:22 – timelapse eclosion
  • 03:29 – longwings
  • 04:13 – blue morpho
  • 05:14 – malachite
  • 05:38 – cattleheart
  • 06:21 – blue morpho

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