On World Turtle Day, Kemp’s ridley returned to the ocean after months of care and rehabilitation

For immediate release ‐ May 29, 2024

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Dr. Dan Dombrowski holding the Kemp's ridley sea turtle he helped rehabilitate from a cold stranding event.Dr. Dan Dombrowski holding the Kemp’s ridley sea turtle he helped rehabilitate from a cold stranding event. Photo: Annette Weston/Public Radio East.

By Annette Weston

Sea turtles are among the most captivating creatures found on the eastern North Carolina coast, and one was recently set free after being nursed back to health; it was stunned by unusually cold weather early this year and also had other injuries.

World Turtle Day was also homecoming day for a Kemp’s ridley sea turtle after several months of care by the Chief Veterinarian at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.

Dr. Dan Dombrowski says sick or injured turtles found along the North Carolina coast are generally cared for by the North Carolina Aquariums, a division of the North Carolina Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, but the museum is also a Sea Turtle Assistance and Rehabilitation (STAR) Center and they work closely together when it’s needed.

“We help them when we can to rehab sea turtles like this one. So, they got a large number of turtles in a cold stranding event in beginning of this year. They reached out and we coordinated with them to help three of the sea turtles, Kemp’s ridley turtles that were in that cold stranding event.”

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