Global Change Games: Bee Simulator

A computer simulation of a bee going to a honeycomb
  • Friday (9/10/2021) September 10, 2021
  • 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
  • Alexander Valencia, Colin Keenan and Colin Brammer: Student Success Librarian, University Library Specialist and Coordinator of the Natural World Investigate Lab
  • NC State University, NC State University and NC Museum of Natural Sciences
  • Audience: Family

Bee Simulator lets you explore a world brimming with life in which you collect pollen, defy dangerous wasps and save your hive from pesticides, habitat loss, and pathogens. Lukasz Rosinski, founder of Bee Simulator studio Varsav, told The Verge, “We wanted to show a completely different perspective for this small insect using realistic models, graphics and gameplay mechanics inspired by real bees’ tasks....” In this event, Libraries’ Learning Spaces & Services staff members Colin Keenan and Alex Valencia will play Bee Simulator and talk about how the game helps players to be much more aware of this micro world and its challenges. Colin Brammer of the NC Museum of Natural Sciences will provide expert commentary!