Foam Science

Students will explore the science behind foam.  What is foam and how do animals use this special adaptation to their advantage?  By incorporating biology (lifecycles), chemistry (molecular structure of surfactants), and technology (Bio-inspiration), students will learn how nature is an inspiring factor for many practical inventions, from insulation to cotton candy.

This virtual program is designed to connect your group with a Museum educator online for an interactive program. Whether your students are learning from home or in the classroom (or both), using videoconferencing platforms, students can participate to learn about our natural world.

Science Curriculum Correlation(s):  6.L.2.3. biotic & abiotic factors in their environment. Chem 3.1.1 Analyze factors that affect the rate of a chemical reaction. Bio 2.1.2 Analyze the survival and reproductive success of organisms in terms of behavior, structural, and reproductive adaptations.

Scheduling Instructions: Scheduling for the 2020-2021 school year begins Tuesday, August 25. To schedule a program, please fill out the Virtual Group Program Scheduling Request online form.