Top 5 Astronomy Days Activities for Young Kids

For immediate release ‐ January 16, 2020


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Young kid gazes into a microscope as his father smiles behind him.

Introducing astronomy to young kids can be a memorable experience. Bring them to Astronomy Days at NCMNS where this year’s theme is “Earth and Ocean Worlds.” The event spans two days, January 25 and 26, and there’s something to do for everyone! Our free space-themed event helps enthusiasts of all ages explore the big picture of the Universe with fun and educational activities, so here a few crowd favorites for kids ages 5 to 9:

  1. Blast Off Rockets Your kiddos will decorate and build their own rocket to shoot sky-high in the Plaza! Pull the string and experience an unforgettable science experiment. Young rocket engineers can keep their rockets or place them in the bin to be recycled!
  2. How Craters Are Formed Come learn about the moon and why its surface is so bumpy and marred. Here’s a hint: space collisions! Then, make your own craters on a simulated moon surface trying different angles and velocities to make your very own moon craters. It’s hands-on and simple for younger moon enthusiasts.
  3. Animals of the Constellations Little ones will learn about animal constellations and the stories behind them. The best part? Meet our live animal ambassadors, like the furry rabbit that embodies Lepus, the scaly watersnake representing Hydra, and the spiny Bearded Dragon symbolizing Draco. We’ll even have some special specimens from the Museum’s Research Collection, including a lion skeleton! Don’t miss this!
  4. Moonbear’s Shadow If you think astronomy is too high-level for early childhood, Moonbear’s Shadow is designed for you! We explain, with help from little toy bears and flashlights, how the angle of the sun affects the length of shadows. Perfect astronomy for the very young that’s applicable from anywhere!
  5. Lunar Landers and Mars Rovers Maker Station Kids like to build stuff, and we’ve created the perfect place to engineer a special spacecraft (or an amazing robot!) from recycled materials. For a greater challenge, you can try creating your own special machine or recreate a model of the lunar lander or Mars rover. And more! Explore a full list of activities here. 

Sharing an understanding of something bigger than ourselves can inspire a curiosity for lifelong learning and memories to last a lifetime. Even if you’re small and new to such a big topic, you’re guaranteed an understandable, age-appropriate experience! If you’re looking for more advanced topics, our hourly presentations have got you covered.

Let’s get started with more happenings at Astronomy Days 2020!

Child uses colorful paints to make a dazzling artwork.

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