All activities are from 7–10pm unless otherwise noted.

Can’t Stop the Fizz
WRAL 3D Theater: 8pm, 8:30pm, 9pm
Get the science behind the oldest (and maybe the worst) bar pranks around. You’ll be brimming with beer trivia to impress your bar friends after this live action science show.

Learning About Lagers
Mason Jar Lager Co.
Explore what makes lagers unique and how they differ from ales. Enjoy demonstrations of grain selection, active fermentation, and lager yeast vs. ale yeast … and of course, samples of lagers.

Fullsteam Loves Good Bacteria
Fullsteam Brewery
Discover the historical significance of bacteria and wild yeast in beer and wine production. View examples of bacteria and wild yeast under a microscope and learn how today’s resurgence of spontaneously fermented products makes it possible to experience what beer and wine might have tasted like thousands of years ago.

Dino Displays: Acrocanthosaurus
NCMNS paleontologists recently discovered pyrite disease degrading the fossils on display in the Acro Dome. Learn what it takes to conserve fossils, build replicas, and piece back together a 115-million-year-old puzzle.

Friends of the Museum Prize Drawing
Friends of the Museum
Enter for a chance to win a pair of beer tour tickets from Tap the Triangle and discover how to get more involved with the Museum through membership.

Malt Extraction
Epiphany Craft Malt
Immerse yourself in a sensory exploration of the process of malt extraction. Smell, touch and taste samples of germinating grains and flavor maps of malts, then compare those sensations to beers served by Fullsteam, Trophy and Ponysaurus.

Microbes of Our Food and Bodies: Be a Citizen Scientist
Genomics & Microbiology Research Lab, NCMNS
See how the scientists in the Museum’s Genomics and Microbiology Research Lab use DNA to study microbes (bacteria and yeast). Learn about the science of fermentation and the microbes involved in making cheese and other foods. Explore citizen science opportunities where you can get involved in the lab’s research by participating in a cheese survey or signing up to have your skin microbes swabbed!

Drunk Animal Superlatives
Which animal is least likely to get a FUI (Flying Under the Influence) citation? Which is most likely to steal your drink? Find out at the Drunk Animal Superlatives!


Put your brain to the test. Maneuver your way through this mind-boggling collection of 3D puzzles and full-body games. You will need to use your smarts, logic, balance, memory, and dexterity to solve our mazes and puzzles.

Test your beer tolerance and compete for the best time in our maze of illusions, tricky mirrors, and riddles.

Included as part of the Natural Selections event experience. No additional admission fee required for entrance to the featured exhibition from 7 to 10pm. 

Mazes & Brain Games Video from Offline Raleigh + Durham.


“Beer Goggle” Cornhole
NC State University, The Meitzen Lab
Explore the simulated effects of alcohol on sensorimotor activity and plasticity using prism goggles to play cornhole.

Challenge your friends to a duel of concentration. Use your brain power to levitate a ball into your opponent’s zone to claim victory.

Plus: Giant Jenga®, Rock ’em, Sock ’em Robots®, and more.