The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences strives to provide a fun and friendly educational environment for all people, regardless of their abilities. Our goal is to make BugFest as accessible as possible, so that the greatest number of event guests can take advantage of everything the festival has to offer.

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Venue: North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

The festival will include both indoor and outdoor activities. Indoor activities will be located in the Nature Exploration Center (NEC) and Nature Research Center (NRC). Outdoor activities will be located along Jones Street, Edenton Street, and in the Bicentennial Plaza.

Accessible Drop-off Area

The accessible drop-off area will be located on the corner of Wilmington and Jones Streets. We will have a small section of Wilmington Street blocked off for cars to pull up to the drop-off area.

Event Information and Accessibility Tent

There will be a tent dedicated to General Event Information and Accessibility at the festival, located nearby the drop-off area. Courtesy manual wheelchair rentals will be available upon request at this tent. There is a limited supply of chairs, and a photo ID is required for reservation.

Sighted Guides

  • This year, we will have trained volunteers to assist visitors (2 hours maximum). Visitors will need to pre-register for sighted guides by Friday, September 8.
  • Please register for a sighted guide by calling Hugo Romero-Sanchez at 919.707.9965 or emailing him at Please provide your first and last name and the time period for which you will need a sighted guide.

ASL Interpreter

You may request an ASL interpreter for certain exhibits and presentations by calling Hugo Romero-Sanchez at 919.707.9965 or emailing him at no later than Wednesday, September 6.

Accessible Restrooms




There are accessible restrooms located throughout the Nature Exploration Center (NEC) and the Nature Research Center (NRC), as well as one accessible portable toilet located on Edenton Street. The Museum of History also has accessible restrooms. Note that the Museum of History, NRC and NEC floors 2–4 close at 5pm.

family restroom symbol



Family Restrooms are available for use on the 1st floor of the NRC, and the 3rd floor of the NEC. Please ask the front desk for a key to unlock these rooms prior to use.

Nursing Room Symbol



There is a nursing room located on the 1st floor of the NEC, behind the Coastal Hall. Please ask the front desk for a key to unlock this room prior to use.

Quiet Room

Quiet Room Symbol



There will be a quiet room available on the 3rd floor of the NEC, located in the Gold Classroom. This room is intended to provide a quiet and calm environment where festival attendees can spend time away from the busyness and noise of the main festival.

Help us Improve Event Accessibility and Inclusion!

We want you to help us ensure that you have the best experience possible at our event. If you have any additional questions, suggestions, or concerns, please contact the Museum’s Educational Events Specialist, Hugo Romero-Sanchez, at