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Citizen Science

Monarch larva monitoring project - photo by Chris GoforthLeave your mark on research through citizen science!

Anyone can become a citizen scientist.  Citizen scientists are people just like you — people with an interest in science who want to participate in scientific research.  As a citizen scientist, you partner with scientists and contribute to ongoing research.  You will gather valuable data to solve difficult scientific problems and learn more about scientists and the work they do through first-hand experience.  Many projects require little to no prior experience, equipment you already have, and minimal time, so it’s easy to get involved!

You can become a citizen scientist right here at the Museum.   Visit our Citizen Science Center, located on the first floor of our new wing, to learn more about citizen science or to get help choosing a project that suits your interests.  You can also visit Prairie Ridge Ecostation, our outdoor educational facility in west Raleigh, to participate in a citizen science program in the field or attend a project training session.  We'll have talks in the SECU Daily Planet Theater so you can discover how citizen scientists are making a difference.  Or, simply visit our Current Projects page to browse a list of ongoing citizen science projects you can get involved with, many of which are headed by researchers right here at the Museum!

Citizen scientists help everyone understand our world and our universe a little better every day.  We encourage you to get involved in citizen science today!