Public events at the Museum include regular Storytime programs, a summer movie series, family nature programs, and large festival events. We invite you to visit us online on Facebook @NCMNSWhiteville for information on our in-person and virtual programs.

Whiteville Storytime Online

Join us on a literary nature journey with our Storytime videos. After each story, keep learning with an exploration activity guided by museum education specialists.

Adventures Across North Carolina: State Symbols

What is the North Carolina State Bird? Did you know North Carolina has a State Reptile and a State Butterfly? Learn about these and many more in this week’s story! After the story, go on a State Symbol Scavenger Hunt, and share with us what you find. Scavenger Hunt: State Symbols

You can even record those observations in iNaturalist to participate in the Museum’s Citizen Science project, Natural North Carolina! Learn all about how to participate in Natural North Carolina here!

Blinking Beetles: Fireflies From A to Z. Written by Meredith Morgan.

Blinking Beetles: Fireflies From A to Z

Get in the summer spirit with one of our favorite symbols of the season: fireflies. Learn all about these flashy figures and how to “speak” firefly in this week’s Storytime. After the story, practice your firefly communication in your own home!

Hummingbirds: Mighty Mini Migrants

Flitting, flapping, feathered and flashy, hummingbirds have arrived in North Carolina! Learn all about these feisty fliers and the amazing journey that they make every year. Watch the video, then learn how to attract and feed hummingbirds and discover how to observe them near your home, and make a fun hummingbird craft! Hummingbird craft: Make a Thaumatrope

Fuzzy, Buzzy, Bumble Bees

In this video, learn all about our important pollinator friends with Museum educator Meredith Morgan. After the story, set off on your own Pollinator Prowl to find pollinators in action around your home!

Am I a Skunk?

Join us on a quest to answer one animal’s very important question. What creatures might our critter meet along its journey through some of the special habitats of southeastern NC? Find out in our story! After the story, set off on your own comparison quest to explore nature and learn about the similarities we humans have with so many different kinds of living things. Comparison Quest PDF

Herp, Herp, Hooray!

Learn all about reptiles and amphibians in North Carolina and how to safely observe them outside your own home by making a cover board.

Do your kids like bugs? Get your “Bug On” this week in this story celebrating our tiny animal neighbors! Learn about fascinating bug behaviors in the video storytime, “Bug On!”, written by NCMNS Whiteville Education Specialist Meredith Morgan. Look for bugs around your own home, and share your photos of them with us on the Whiteville Facebook page!

Whiteville Programs and Events

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