We offer many opportunities for visitors to learn about or participate in citizen science throughout the Museum and beyond.

During Your Visit

Science Needs You

Visit the Museum’s interactive citizen science exhibit on the second floor of the Nature Exploration Center to learn more about citizen science and a variety of projects that need help from citizen scientists like you.

Research Labs

During your visit, discover how citizen scientists are helping our researchers learn more about mammal populations, the mites that live on your face, the bacteria that live in your armpits, and more by visiting the displays outside the Research Labs in the Nature Research Center.

Museum scientists are also working hard to develop new citizen science projects. Visit our Current Projects page for a list of projects currently offered by Museum researchers.

Investigate Labs

Want to contribute to science during your visit? Visit one of our Investigate Labs in the NRC and ask how you can participate in citizen science.

Prairie Ridge Ecostation

Prairie Ridge Ecostation is the backyard of the Museum, a 45-acre field station and nature center just a few miles from downtown Raleigh. Look for many guided citizen science programs on our schedule or stop by to collect data on your own through one of the many citizen science smartphone apps currently available.

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences at Whiteville

The Whiteville branch of the Museum offers many in-person citizen science experiences for the public. Visit the Museum in Whiteville to learn how you can make a difference in the southeastern part of the state as a citizen scientist!

Volunteer in the Raleigh Area

Want to help collect data or lead citizen science programs with the Museum in Raleigh? Apply to become a volunteer through our online volunteer application and indicate your interest in volunteering for citizen science when prompted.

Museum Citizen Science Online Resources

Citizen Science Newsletter

Sign up for the Museum’s citizen science newsletter and be the first to get citizen science news, schedules of events, and information about new and exciting citizen science opportunities. You’ll typically receive 1-3 emails a month.

Citizen Science Facebook Group

Want to keep up with citizen science news, discoveries, and participate in projects with us? Join our Facebook group to say up to date with the latest happenings!