What is the Natural World Classroom?

Nature Research Center, 2nd Floor

Engage in the process of science using real laboratory equipment and techniques. Explore topics ranging from taxonomy and animal behavior to physics, and examine the secrets of nature's biodiversity using microscopes. Classroom staff are continually working on new science projects for you to try. Some of these are experiments concerning properties of matter, animal life cycles, the chemistry of scent and biomechanics.

The classroom also offers homeschoolers and public school classes a wide variety of program topics including fossils, geology, animal adaptations, chemistry, and weather.

Staff, interns and volunteers are always on hand to lend assistance and answer your science questions.

Current Hours of Operation

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Volunteering and Internships

Classroom staff welcome the help of volunteers and interns. Volunteers greet visitors at the classroom's front door and invite them to investigate the tools, techniques and concepts of scientific research. Interns are assigned projects to complete and are often awarded credit hours by their institutions.

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