Grade level stated in the program descriptions are for the upcoming school year, 2019-2020. Each child can enroll in up to 2 weeks of camp.

All cancellations, registration for more than 2 camps per child, or incorrect grade level registrations incur a $30.00 processing fee per camp.

Please check our online registration system, Active Network, for the most up-to-date camp availability. Webpage updated daily.

“Ology” Camp

Did you ever want to dig deeper into the world of “ologies”? This is the camp for you! Come explore the worlds of mammalogy (mammals), paleontology (ancient life), ornithology (birds) and geology (rocks and minerals). Each day we will tackle a new “ology” with real specimens, models and live animals. We will meet Museum researchers… Read More >

Adventures in STEM with LEGO®

Let your imagination run wild as we introduce engineering concepts with tens of thousands of LEGO® parts! We will tap into our imagination to create helicopters, trains, treehouses, beam bridges and more! We’ll explore the Museum and Capital area for inspiration. This full day camp will be divided: the morning will be spent building with… Read More >

Bacterial Biotech!

Explore the world of biotechnology with this intensive, hands-on lab course that provides the opportunity to do college-level biotechnology. As students are introduced to pharmaceutical biomanufacturing processes, they gain a concrete understanding of DNA transcription, translation, protein synthesis and protein expression. Students will use standard research laboratory equipment and protocols to perform techniques that include… Read More >

Code Your Own Adventure!

Start your journey learning computer science the fun way by building a fantasy adventure game completely from scratch using Processing, a powerful, cross-platform Java-based language. During this course, you will learn the fundamentals of coding, be introduced to 3D modeling and 3D printing and create a custom video game limited only by your own creativity!… Read More >

EV3 Robotics with LEGO®

Learn about mechanical and software design, loops, conditional statements, problem solving and teamwork skills using the LEGO® Mindstorms® EV3 system! Working in small groups, campers will program and build their own robot. Campers will be able to control their robot to avoid obstacles, play sounds, pick up and carry objects. Projects are structured so that… Read More >

Healthy Habitats

Come explore the habitats of Prairie Ridge Ecostation and discover how native plants and animals adapt to local conditions. We will take an in-depth look at what it takes to thrive in the Piedmont prairie, forest and pond. Activities include a dragonfly survey, stream study and fire ecology. Weather permitting, we will see a prescribed… Read More >

Junior Biologist

Plan to get wet, dirty and completely immersed in the world of field research. This camp offers you a unique experience using the tools Museum researchers use to investigate the animals of Prairie Ridge Ecostation. After choosing a research subject, your team will focus on using several field research techniques to collect data and formulate… Read More >

Mountains to the Sea

North Carolina has it all! Join us as we explore our state from the mountains to the sea! Starting our exploration at the coast, we will focus on aquaculture and whale conservation. Next, we will investigate our backyard, the Piedmont, identifying local wildlife and helping Museum ornithologist document downtown bird populations. On Friday, we’ll wrap… Read More >

WeDo® Robotics with LEGO®

This camp will spring into action! Join us for an introductory robotics class using the LEGO® WeDo® system. Campers will learn basic programming skills, simple engineering concepts and the names of robot components. Work in small groups to complete several projects using tilt and motion sensors. This is a great way to prepare young robotics enthusiasts… Read More >

Wet and Wild Naturalist

Do you ever wonder what’s beneath the surface of ponds and streams? Do you love to look for life in and around the water? Then this camp is for you! Based at Prairie Ridge Ecostation, we will study the effects of pollution by looking for indicator species and conducting oxygen, phosphate and pH tests in… Read More >

Who Lives Underground?

Dig into the world beneath your feet! Meet the animals that burrow, tunnel, hunt and wiggle underground. Use scientific tools to discover soil, dissect seeds and unearth antlions. We’ll wrap up the week by planting a pollinator garden, take part in a Citizen Scientist program and use soil to a create a tie-dye bandana. Questions:… Read More >

Woodland Adventure

From groundhogs to rabbits, tree-frogs to rolly pollies, we will explore the “wilds” of Prairie Ridge Ecostation. Come make mud pies, roll in the grass and crawl though the groundhog tunnel. This outdoor adventure launches from the Nature PlaySpace and outdoor classroom with forays into the prairie and woods surrounding the Ecostation. Prairie Ridge Ecostation is… Read More >

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