Q: When does registration begin?

A: 2018 Camp registration dates are as follows:

February 6-7: Registration opens at 9:00am for Friends of the Museum Family + 1, Naturalist, Explorers and Brimley Society level members. Registration temporary closes at 6:00pm on February 7th and reopens at 9:00am on February 8th. The registration link will be emailed the evening before your priority registration date.
February 8-17: Registration expands to include Friends of the Museum Family level members at 9:00am. Registration temporary closes on February 17th at 6:00pm and reopens at 9:00am on February 20th. The registration link will be emailed the evening before your advanced registration date.
February 20: Registration opens to the public at 9:00am. A link to register will be added to the Summer Camps website.

Registration is completed with our online system, Active Network. Registration is first come, first served. Camps traditionally fill quickly.

Q: Why is there a processing fee?

A: Due to our online registration system, Active Network, there are costs involved in which we cannot offer a full refund. All cancellations, registration for more than two camps per child, or incorrect grade level registrations incur a $30.00 processing fee per camp.

Q: Which Internet browsers can I use to register?

A: Any modern browser should work, but if you are having trouble with Internet Explorer (version 8 and up) opening the registration link:

  1. In the menu bar select Tools ? Compatibility View settings. A new window will open with the title Compatibility View Settings.
  2. Under Add this website, if you don’t see the Active Network web address already included, copy and paste the Active Network web address for registration.
  3. Click on Add.
  4. Click on Close.
  5. Internet Explorer should re-open the Active Network webpage for you.

Q: What information will I need to register?

A: Please have the following ready:

  • Friends of the Museum membership number and expiration date (required only if you are a Friends of the Museum member).
    *Note – If your membership expires prior to the end of Summer Camps, we require that you renew your membership. Membership can be renewed on Friends of the Museum’s website.
  • Registration must be completed by a legal guardian. A guardian may reference the membership number of the grandparent’s Family level (or higher) membership.
  • Summer camp topics. For information about the 2018 Summer Camps offerings, please visit Summer Camps.
  • The email address in which you would like to receive camp information.
  • Child’s medical information.
  • Name and phone number of child’s primary doctor and dentist.
  • Street address, phone number, and email address for guardian(s).
  • Contact information for individuals who are authorize to pick-up the camper incase the guardian(s) is not available.
  • MasterCard or VISA. To complete the registration process, your payment is due in full.

Q: Can I register more than one child at a time?

A: Additional camp participants can be added during the checkout process. At the check-out cart, please look at the upper right hand corner of the screen before you finalize your payment process. Click on the blue button “Add Another Registration.” Once you have completed the information required for the second camper, you can finalize your payment and complete the registration process.**

**Note: Once you have completed the entire registration process, including payment, and thereby created your Active Network account, if you decide to add additional camp participants, some of the information will be populated into your new registration form.

Q: When will my payment be due and what forms of payment do we accept?

A: Payment in full is due to complete the registration process. Online registration will accept MasterCard and VISA. Please do not drop off checks or cash at the Museum.

Q: Is there a waiting list for full camps? How do I add my child’s name to the waiting list?

A: YES! We have waiting lists for ALL of our camps that are full. There is no cost to be added onto the waiting list, and you can add your child’s name to as many waiting lists as you are interested in.

Register for the wait list: Submit the registration information even if the camp is full. A payment will not be requested. Please do not call or email.

When a spot comes available in a camp, the first person on the wait list will be contacted. We will hold the open spot for 48 hours before calling subsequent families. Once the open spot is accepted, the payment will be due to finalize the registration for the camp.

Q: When will I receive confirmation?

A: Your confirmation will be emailed to you upon submitting the online registration. The confirmation email, along with additional camp information, with be sent to the email address in which you set up your Active Network account.

Q: What age group should I sign my child up for?

A: Grade levels stated in camp descriptions are for the upcoming school year (2018–2019). Please double-check to make sure that you sign your child(ren) up for the appropriate grade level. We cannot make exceptions. Falsified registrations will be cancelled and the registration fee will be refunded minus the $30.00 processing fee.

Q: Camp Ratio:

A: 16 campers per camp. 1 Instructor and 1 Assistant/Instructor per camp.

Q: Will I receive any additional information after completing registration?

A: Yes. Additional information about the summer camp, arrival, departure, and forms that may require your signature can be found in your Active Network account. Forms will be emailed to the email address in which you used to set up your Active Network account. Supplemental forms(s) will be due 2 weeks before the beginning of the camp.

Q: Where is the Museum located in downtown Raleigh or Prairie Ridge Ecostation?

A: Directions to Prairie Ridge Ecostation and the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences.

Q: Arrival and Departures:

A: Camps at NC Museum of Natural Sciences – campers should be dropped-off or picked-up at the Nature Research Center (NRC) Brick Alley Way behind the NRC between the Green Square Parking Deck and the Education Building. A map can be found in your Active Network account and will be emailed to you before the beginning of camp. For safety, we ask that you do not get out of your car.

  • Staff members will be waiting at the Loading Area during the following times: 8:30–8:45am and 4:45–5:10pm.
  • If you arrive late to drop-off, you will be responsible for accompanying your child(ren) to their classroom.

If you would like to park and walk your child to drop-off/pick-up, please know that finding parking can be difficult. Limited metered parking and two-hour parking may be found on Jones and Edenton Streets. There is an outdoor parking lot ($2.00/hour) located one block east of the Museum, with entrances on Jones and Edenton Streets. The Green Square Parking Deck is at the corner of Edenton and McDowell Streets, behind the NRC. The entrance to the deck is on Edenton between Salisbury and McDowell Streets. Please allow plenty of time if you plan to park.

Camps at Prairie Ridge Ecostation — campers should be dropped-off or picked-up at the information kiosk by the parking lot. A map can be found in your Active Network account and will be emailed to you before the beginning of camp. For safety, we ask that you do not get out of your car.

  • Staff members will be waiting at the kiosk during the following times: 8:15–8:35am, 12:45-1:10pm, or 3:15–3:40pm.
  • If you arrive late to drop-off, you will be responsible for accompanying your child(ren) to the Outdoor Classroom.

If you would like to park and walk your child to drop-off/pick-up, please park in a designated parking space in the parking lot away from the drop-off/pick-up line.

For the safety of all children, if you would like to discuss a topic with Laura Dameron, Summer Camps Coordinator, please make arrangements to chat outside of pick-up and drop-off times.

***Note – You will be emailed a Pick-Up Pass for your dashboard. You must have this car identification pass for camp staff to release your child. Campers will be release to their guardian or previously authorized persons with accompanying picture id. If you do not see camp staff waiting at the curb, please circle the block or traffic circle to keep traffic flowing smoothly. You may receive a ticket from the city if you remain in areas not designated for parking.

Q: Early Departures:

A: Early departures must be scheduled prior to the pickup date. Please contact the Deputy Coordinator at 919.707.9910 or Laura Dameron at 919.707.9889 (W) or 919.418.7602 (C). You can schedule an early pick-up up to 1 hour before camp ends. Guardians or authorized persons will meet at a pre-arranged meeting place, such as the classroom or another location on the grounds. Please have your picture id and Pick-Up Pass available to show staff.

Q: Late Fees:

A: We have so much to do and learn – please make sure your child is on time each day! The Museum employs the very best staff possible in our programs. After camp hours, staff have other personal and professional obligations. In order to accommodate any overtime that may occur for late pick-up, a late fee of $25.00 per day will be implemented if you are more than 10 minutes late picking up your child. The late fee must be paid in full before the beginning of the next day of camp for your child to attend.

Q: Lunch:

A: Campers will need to bring a bag lunch with them daily. Please package the lunch items together with the child’s name. Campers will not have access to a refrigerator,  microwave, or have time to purchase lunch from a cafe.

Q: Snacks:

A: Please provide a small snack for each half day of camp in which your child is enrolled. If they are registered for a morning camp, then you will only need to send one snack. If they are enrolled in a full-day camp, please send two snacks — one for the morning, and one for the afternoon.

Q: Why are the Museum camps nut-free?

A: In response to the growing number of severe nut allergies, and for the safety of all children who attend our camps, the Museum adopted this policy in 2010. Please read all ingredients carefully when providing lunch and snacks for camp; this includes foods that have peanuts, peanut flour, peanut oil, almonds, filberts, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, macadamia nut, pecans, pine nuts, pistachios, and walnuts. Thank you for your consideration and support in keeping children with food allergies safe.

Q: Can I receive a copy of the three forms that were listed and agreed to during the registration process?

A: Yes, you can download them here: