Grade level stated in the program descriptions are for the upcoming school year, 2023-2024. Each child can enroll in up to 2 weeks of camp.

All cancellations, registration for more than 2 camps per child, or incorrect grade level registrations incur a $30.00 processing fee per camp.

During registration, please check our online registration system, Active Network, for the most up-to-date camp availability. Web page will be updated daily.

Visit Girls In Science Ed-venture page for more information about our residential summer camp program.

“Ology” Camp

Discover the wonderful world of “ologies”! Explore zoology (animals), entomology (insects), ichthyology (fish), and grossology (things that make you go eww). Each day we will explore a new ology with real specimens, models, live animals, and behind-the-scenes tours. Did you attend “Ology” Camp last summer? No worries, we have new topics and adventures planned! Questions:… Read More >

Ink The Museum

Come take a look behind the scenes of our Museum while you learn to draw. Local artist and educator, Courtney Cappa, will show you how to use ink to create drawings of the Museum’s exhibits, live animals and architecture. Find unique locations to inspire your drawings as you learn new drawing techniques. A professional ink… Read More >

The Science Behind What You Eat

Have your science and eat it, too!! We will be using different experiments to see if you really are what you eat. Are you brave enough to eat slime, use a pickle to power a clock or cook your own snack? If you are, then we NEED YOU! Spurred on by a little friendly competition,… Read More >

Things That Fly

Investigate what flutters, flaps, hovers and glides! Discover how flying predators hunt, how honeybees swarm and how plants can take flight. Make your own flying machine while using scientific tools, games, and live animals to explore the world of wings. Questions: Please visit the Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions page for more information or contact… Read More >

Code Your Own Adventure

Start your journey learning computer science the fun way by building a fantasy adventure game completely from scratch using Processing, a powerful, cross-platform Java-based language. During this course, you will learn the fundamentals of coding, be introduced to 3D modeling and 3D printing and create a custom video game limited only by your own creativity!… Read More >

Nature Illustrators

Learn how to illustrate wildlife models and live animals while exploring in and around our museum! Each day, we will learn a new watercolor technique and create a series of colorful illustrations. Local artist and educator, Courtney Cappa, will show you how to illustrate drawings of plants and animals using contemporary watercolor techniques. A kit… Read More >

Ocean Explorer

Come sail away with us as we look at the Carolina coast and the “great beyond!” Each day we will explore a new marine zone to see how life exists in our vast oceans. Become an ocean explorer as you learn how to use SONAR technology and build a rover’s hydraulic arm to see how… Read More >

The Art of Doing Science

Do you love science? How about art? Join us as we find out how to bring them together! We will look at different scientific concepts to see how scientists use art and artists use science to express their passions. Learn how to make plastics out of natural materials or how 3D printing is helping researchers discover… Read More >

Earth to Space and…Beyond!

Come fuel your curiosity with hands-on activities from Earth….and BEYOND! Design and build a Mars’ rover to navigate the Martian terrain! Defy gravity as you work to break the sun’s pull-on Earth to launch your very own space shuttle. Each day you will explore a new theme and investigate topics in space exploration, engineering, rocketry,… Read More >

The Great Signs of Life

The world around us is filled with a variety of wonderful things! Come explore with us as we investigate what is living versus non-living. Learn how animals and plants breathe and why they need shelter and food to survive. Come build a biome and watch the water cycle feed your plants. Investigate how everything is… Read More >

Weird, Wild, and Wonderful

You never know what you will find on our planet. Come along with us as we investigate the unusual or misunderstood. Find out if carnivorous plants have teeth. Go behind the scenes to study items in our collection and see how beetles help to clean our planet. We will cover this and much more so… Read More >

Oceanology Project

Our oceans are a critical part of our Earth’s ecosystem! Join us as we investigate its depths starting right off our coast. You will fully submerse as we explore videos from underwater robots and SONAR technology to see how life survives in the deep sea. Conduct hands-on experiments by building a hydraulic arm, analyze core… Read More >