All activities are from 7-10pm unless otherwise noted.

Cryo Hops: Cutting Edge Science in Hop Processing
Bombshell Beer Co.
Focus on the newest innovative technology in hop processing – a cryogenic separation process that preserves all components of each hop fraction, producing two simultaneous co-products – LupuLN2® and debittered leaf. Learn about the process and touch, smell and feel the results.

Learn How to Home Brew!
Atlantic Brew Supply
Atlantic Brew Supply will demonstrate how to home brew beer. They will be showcasing recipe kit ingredients and instructions on how to turn malt, hops, yeast and water into beer. This is a great way to learn how to brew your very own beer at home!

Here’s the Dirt on Soil
Farm Boy Farms
Soil is a mixture of minerals, organic matter, gases, liquids, and organisms that directly impact the flavor and aroma of beer. We focus on craft farming practices to ensure quality plants are grown using “just right” soil. Swing by and get the dirt on soil.

Exploring Density
Natural World iLab, NCMNS
Stop by one of our science carts to see demonstrations and do some crazy science experiments. Watch a cloud form in a bottle or create a colorful density column.

Cheese Alive
Genomics & Microbiology Research Lab, NCMNS
Cheese is a fermented food that is known to contain many microbial organisms, mainly bacteria and fungi. We are launching a new citizen science project, Cheese Alive!, that investigates which bacteria live inside cheeses to determine how the microbial community varies from one cheese to the next. Learn more about the microbial makeup of cheeses, add your data to our study, map your ancestry, and sample various cheeses (while supplies last) to help us explore the amazing world of cheeses, microbes, and humanity.

Interactive Game Room

“Drunk Goggle” Cornhole
NC State University, The Meitzen Lab
Everyone loves cornhole. But have you ever tried to play it wearing “drunk goggles” – prism goggles that mimic the visual impairment of intoxication by shifting your vision using Fresnel lenses? Here’s your chance to try. See how your coordination suffers “under the influence.”

Bar Games & Tricks
Friends of the Museum, NCMNS
Try your hand at entertaining bar games and tricks, enter a free prize drawing for a pair of beer tour tickets from Tap the Triangle, and learn how to get more involved with the Museum through membership.

Plus Giant Jenga, Rock ’em, Sock e’m Robots, and more.

Meet the Masters

Panel Discussion: 2017 Craft Beer Trends
WRAL 3D Theater, 8:30-9pm
Panelists will discuss new and popular ingredients, barrel aging, resurgence of canning, and the return of classic styles.

Panelists include:

Derek Garman
Head Brewer, Fortnight Brewing Co.
Garman is passionate for classic styles and cask ales.  He is a home schooled brewer.

John Sheppard
Professor, NC State University Brewery
A Professor at NC State University since 2006, Sheppard specializes in fermentation science and issues related to yeast management. He runs a 2.5 BBL research brewery, the first university brewery to be licensed for commercial beer distribution. In 2016 he started a company, Lachancea LLC, to license proprietary strains of wild yeast to the craft brewing industry.

Whit Baker
Brewmaster, Flavor Wizard, Bond Brothers Beer Co.
Baker holds degrees in secondary education and biological sciences from NC State University. Since 2011 he has immersed himself in the science of brewing and fermentation. He holds a certified rank as a beer judge from the Beer Judge Certification Program, possessing an in-depth knowledge of over 80 styles of beer and evaluating professional and amateur beer in competitions. Baker is also a certified Cicerone, fully knowledgeable in managing a beer bar, accurately performing on-the-spot evaluations of the condition of beer, and maintaining a draft system in the taproom. At Bond Brothers Beer Company, located in Cary, North Carolina, he is the Brewmaster, and is constantly innovating and improving his process resulting in his well-earned reputation in the Triangle area craft beer scene.