Eat Bugs!

Two women pointing at a book
  • Tuesday September 14, 2021
  • 4:30 pm - 5:15 pm
  • Laura D'Asaro, Rose Wang & Heather Alexander
  • Eat Bugs Books
  • Audience: Family
  • Curriculum Correlation: (EX.1.L.1.1)(EX.1.L.2.2)(2.NPA.1.2)(2.L.1.2)(3.NPA.2.1)(4.L.1.3)(4.L.2.1)(EX.4.L.1.1)(EX.4.L.1.2)(5.NPA.2.1)(6.NPA.1.3)(EX.6.L.3.1)(8.NPA.2.2)

What do crickets taste like? How about termites? Or ants? Join author Heather Alexander and Shark Tank entrepreneurs Laura D’Asaro and Rose Wang on a tasty journey of edible bugs. Explore why they’re so healthy, why kids around the world eat them for lunch, and how changing food choices will help slow climate change. Plus learn the secrets of building a successful business making chips out of crickets!