The Evolutionary Biology & Behavior Research Lab studies behavior, communication, and natural history of insects with a particular focus on social insects and ants. Our work spans studies of how queens chemically signal their presence to workers to how ant societies defend themselves against disease. We use techniques from the fields of chemical ecology, behavioral ecology, evolution, and microbiology.

Beyond basic biological research, our lab actively works with designers and artists to use insects and biology as a source of inspirational and innovative ideas for the human-designed environment. We also strive to actively communicate our scientific output through producing digital media.

This lab is supported in partnership with the College of Sciences at North Carolina State University. The head of the lab, Dr. Adrian Smith, has a joint faculty appointment with the Department of Biological Sciences at NCSU. Active researchers in the lab are undergraduates and graduate students from NCSU.

You can learn more about our research and science communication on our website http://www.adrianalansmith.com/.

You can follow us on Twitter @DrAdrianSmith.


Fields of Research