New Gold Classroom Studio launches with online programs

For immediate release ‐ July 31, 2020

Contact: Christy Flint, 919.707.9294. Images available upon request

This month, Museum staff from Facilities, Digital Media and Education converted the Gold Classroom on the third floor of the Nature Exploration Center into a virtual learning studio. The classroom got a new coat of paint, a TV studio’s-worth of AV equipment and a lineup of staff and live animals eager to connect with audiences of all ages across the state and around the world. The studio’s first program was Virtual Museum Adventures, the Museum’s new live, interactive program series, which launched on July 28 to rave reviews. The next program to start will be Birthday Parties. Our practice sessions with staff children have been wildly successful! The Gold Classroom Studio will be used to connect with students, families and adults virtually across the state and beyond.

See the Events Calendar for a complete list of programs offered by the Museum:

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