All activities are from 7–10pm unless otherwise noted.


7:30pm & 8:30pm: Let the Wookiee Win! Trivia
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Battle for bragging rights in this galaxy, armed with only your Star Wars knowledge (and a few squad mates).

Dancing in the Globe
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Enjoy Star Wars movie scores and clips early in the evening. As the night progresses, the globe will transition to a dance party, featuring DJ Al-Ski Love of SPIN.

These are the Droids You’ve Been Looking For
R2-D2 and BB-8 Droid Builders Clubs
Enjoy personal encounters with R2-D2 and BB-8 replicas and meet our local droid master craftsman.

Quad-copters: The Real-world Repulsorlifts
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Enjoy flying drone demonstrations and learn about the different types and uses of drones.

Green Screens: Movie Magic
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Watch yourself disappear using the magic of green screen technology.

Descending to the Dark Side
Research Lab, NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Discover the hidden world of deep and nocturnal fishes with new, interactive games, real specimen trivia, air hockey, corn hole and more.

It’s Getting Hoth in Here
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Don’t take off all your clothes! Instead, grab the nearest fatty tauntaun and see how nature’s insulation is an animal’s best bet on a -60° planet.

Costume Contest
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Come dressed as your favorite character from the Star Wars universe and win cool prizes. Must register and be present to win. Winners will be announced at 9:30pm. Costume and mask policy
Sponsored by Rabbit Run Studios, Paul Friedrich and Marbles IMAX


Use the Force
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Are you a Padawan learner, Apprentice, or a Jedi Master? Harness your powers of concentration to duel your fellow Jedi.

The Galactic Naturalist
The Naturalist Center
Meet the real-world inspirations for galactic fauna, such as dewbacks, porgs and dianogas. Discover alien races and their Terran counterparts.

Kyber Crystals
Geology & Petrology Research Lab
Crystals are used for more than lightsabers. Learn about the real-world uses of rocks and minerals.

Jedi Mind Tricks
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Watch a true Jedi master perform Jedi Mind Tricks. Can you feel the power of the Force, young Padawan?

Help Me, Obi-Wan Kenobi
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Immersion Theater
What’s the best way to send a message to your only hope? As a hologram! Just make sure your hair buns look good.

Darth Paul Friedrich
Paul Friedrich
Enjoy the cartoon fun side of the Force with artist Paul Friedrich.


The Multilayered Sounds of Star Wars
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Learn about the techniques used to create the sound effects of Star Wars. Play with the sounds and create your own tunes in a space-age DJ station.

Watto’s Junk Shop
Visual World iLab
Live 3D printing and hands-on access to printed objects, including a prosthetic “Luke Skywalker” hand.

The Art of Davey
Davey Beauchamp
Davey Beauchamp is a local artist, podcaster, writer and librarian. Stop by his booth to see artwork inspired by galaxies far, far away.

The Force — of Magnets
Micro World iLab
Explore magnetic forces with games and activities.

How to Escape the Sarlacc Pits
Evolutionary Biology & Behavior Lab

Learn about the real-life inspiration for the all-powerful sarlacc — the antlion.  Can anything escape an antlion’s pit?

Stars and Galaxies Far, Far Away
Astronomy & Astrophysics Research Lab
Learn about interstellar travel, exoplanetary systems, moons, galaxies and more.

Making a Clone Army
Genomics & Microbiology Research Lab
Challenge your friends to a clone war and explore the science of cloning.

Science Inspired by Star Wars
Genomics & Microbiology Research Lab
Scientists get to name their discoveries and some get their inspiration from movies. Check out these Star Wars-inspired names and see if you can match them to their discoveries.

Organa Origami
Marbles IMAX
Build your favorite Star Wars character, grab giveaways and enter the IMAX raffle.


Battle of Endor
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Fight in our ultimate Laser Tag battle for the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire.
Sponsored by Citrix.

Jedi Master Astronomers
Raleigh Astronomy Club
Peer through their telescopes and use the Force to imagine yourself traversing the vastness of space to rescue the Republic from those who have been won over to the Dark Side.

Stay on Target
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Prepare your proton torpedoes and take aim at the thermal exhaust port in our special Death Star-edition corn hole. Only a precise hit will destroy the station. It’s not impossible if you can bullseye womp rats in your T-16 back home.

Naboo Member Lounge
Friends of the Museum
Catalyst and Friends of the Museum members enjoy exclusive access to the lounge, featuring themed giveaways, food and ambiance. Not a member yet? Join today and enjoy amazing Adult Night benefits.