Adult Nights: Superhero Science

Adult Nights :: Superhero Science :: Activities :: Food & Drink

All activities are from 7-10pm unless otherwise noted.


7:30pm & 8:30pm: Superhero Science Trivia
Daily Planet Café
Assemble your team and prepare for a battle of wits with the QuizMaster. Teams will compete against one another for prizes and bragging rights.

7:30pm: Live Tank Dive
Aquaman could breathe and talk underwater. Unlike this hero of the seas, we lose most of our sensory powers once we dive in. See how fish take advantage of electro reception, lateral line system and more to gain the upper hand during our live tank dive inside our 10,000-gallon saltwater aquarium.
Research Lab, Living Collections

8pm: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility?
The Challenges of Superhero Ethics

Daily Planet Café
Should you save your loved one and let the villain get away? Are superheroes morally responsible for the innocents they harm in their epic battles with evil? Can vigilante justice be just? Participate in a lively conversation about the rules superheroes should live by and some of the special ethical challenges they face.
Philosophy Outreach Program and Parr Center for Ethics, UNC-Chapel Hill

9pm: Punch Like Superman
Watch White Tiger’s Masters and Instructors transform and take on Superman-like strength. Enjoy villainous fights, powerful breaks through multiple boards and concrete, and a real-life self-defense demonstration against three villains using everyday objects.
White Tiger Taekwondo & Martial Arts

Dancing in the Globe
SECU Daily Planet Theater
Enjoy superhero movie scores and clips early in the evening. As the night progresses, the globe will transition to a dance party, featuring DJ Al-Ski Love of SPIN.
Sponsored by White Street Brewing Co.

Join a team of marine biologists in a series of hands on activities to uncover the secret powers of our oceans’ antiheroes: sharks.
Research Lab

Hang Like Spiderman
Run, jump and stick to our giant Velcro Wall. See if you can hang like Spiderman.

Pillow Talk
Learn how you can be a champion for wildlife with an unlikely secret weapon: condoms!
Center for Biological Diversity

Battle of the Professor Xs
Test your powers of focus with the Museum’s Mindflex machine. Battle your opponent and find out who’s the real Professor X. No telekinesis allowed.


7-8:30pm: Live Animal Demonstration
Fact vs. Fiction: Meet some of the animals that have inspired our favorite superheroes. See how their natural abilities compare to the super hero powers of their namesakes.
Arthropod Zoo

Inside an Unlikely Refugee: The Story of a Python Named George
Meet the artist-author team that created the graphic novel, “An Unlikely Refuge: The Story of a Python Named George,” now on display at the Museum. Hear firsthand the amazing story of how George used his super snake instincts to survive a journey from an Asian jungle during the Vietnam War all the way to our Museum.
Artagem Graphic Library

Gotham: Rise of the Villains
Get caught in a villain’s trap in the mean streets of Gotham at our camera trap. Learn how scientists use camera traps to unobtrusively capture the daily lives of wildlife. Watch researchers prepare a study skin.
Biodiversity Research Lab

The Joker’s Calling Card
The Joker has struck again and it’s up to YOU to deduce what you can about the crime scene – in only 15 seconds! Put your speedy sleuthing skills to the test and learn about the science behind some people’s incredible ability to recall detail.

Bruce Banner’s Experiments
Natural World iLab
Join our own “Hulk” scientist, Bob Alderink, as he performs mind-bending experiments.


Are You a Super Human?
Discover how unique genetic traits give some individuals incredible “Super Human” abilities and assess your own skills.
Genomics and Microbiology Research Lab

Tony Stark’s 3D LabChat
Visual World iLab
Discover interactive 3D Printing technologies, featuring reproductions of Iron Man’s suit. Suit up with our custom superhero mask photo filters.

Wonder Woman Workshop
Micro World iLab
Do you have what it takes to kick butt like Wonder Woman? Test your manual dexterity, speed, touch sensitivity and heart rate recovery time. Get creative and craft your very own Wonder Woman bracelet from super strong material.

Superhero Selfie Station
Leap tall buildings in a single bound. Show off your super strength at #NCMNS21.

Super Senses, Future Tech, and Astrophysics
In science fiction, heroes and villains often come from other worlds or travel vast distances through space. Sometimes, their origins bestow super abilities, like X-ray vision or advanced technology, like warp drive. But what about real science? Visit the Astronomy & Astrophysics Research Lab to learn more about the science behind exoplanet discoveries and formation, how “super senses” compare to astronomical instruments, and how fictional space travel compares to the real deal.
Astronomy & Astrophysics Research Lab


Are you a Superhero?
Environmental Conference Center
Develop your own superhero persona. Create your origin story and test your physical and mental abilities to see whether you’re a superhero or just a sidekick. Get rated on nine different skill sets including sight, smell, speed, accuracy and more. Then get prepared for battle by crafting shields and gadgets with the Scrap Exchange of Durham.

Hawkeye Accuracy Challenge
Test your super sight, aim and laser focus with Archery Ball.