Museum publications include zoological publications and pamphlets and Brimleyana. Museum curators and researchers also have works issued through other publishers.

Zoological Publications

The full-text of all Museum zoological publications listed here, except as noted, are freely available on the Biodiversity Heritage Library website: www.biodiversitylibrary.org

Endangered, threatened and rare fauna

  • Contributions of the North Carolina Biological Survey, 1884–1980
  • Part I. A Re-evaluation of the Mammals, Mary Kay Clark, ed., 52 pages, 1987
  • Part II. A Re-evalution of the Marine and Estuarine Fishes Steve W. Ross, Fred C. Rohde, and David G. Lindquist, 24 pages, 1988
  • Part III. A Re-evaluation of the Birds David S. Lee and James Parnell, eds. 52 pages, 1990
  • Part IV. A Re-evaluation of the Freshwater Fishes Edward F. Menhenick and Alvin Braswell, 106 pages, 1997


  • Atlas of North American Freshwater Fishes
  • Fish Atlas, 1983 $10


  • A Distributional Survey of North Carolina Mammals
  • 4th Colloquium on Conservation of Mammals in the SE United States


  • The Seaside Sparrow, Its Biology and Management
  • Checklist of North Carolina Birds
  • Bird Life of North Carolina's Shining Rock Wilderness
  • Autumn Land-bird Migration on the Barrier Islands of Northeastern North Carolina
  • Potential Effects of Oil Spills on Seabirds and Selected Other Oceanic Vertebrates Off the North Carolina Coast
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Beginning in 1979 and ending in 1998, the Museum published a biannual, peer-reviewed scientific journal Brimleyana, A Journal of Zoology for the Southeastern United States. Subject matter focused on systematics, evolution, zoogeography, ecology, behavior, and paleontology in the southeastern United States.

The full-text of all 25 volumes of Brimleyana is freely available on the Biodiversity Heritage Library website: www.biodiversitylibrary.org