Michael Cove

Research Curator, Mammalogy

11 West Jones Street, Raleigh, NC 27601


  • Ph.D. in Zoology, North Carolina State University, 2016
  • M.S. in Biology, University of Central Missouri, 2011
  • B.S. in Animal Science, University of Connecticut, 2007


  • Research Associate, Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute

Research Interests

Mike is an applied conservation ecologist and mammalogist. His research approach uses traditional methods and museum collections, as well as current noninvasive survey techniques and statistical modeling procedures, to study population and community ecology both locally and internationally. His research interests are mainly focused on the conservation of mammal communities, but also mesopredator release and trophic cascades, the urban/suburban wildlife interface, species invasions, disease ecology and animal microbiomes, and human dimensions of conservation and sustainable development in the tropics. Mike is an active member of the IUCN’s Small Mammal Specialist Group, Small Carnivore Specialist Group, and Tapir Specialist Group.

For more on Mike's research please feel free to follow him on twitter @mike_cove or visit his personal site covewildlife.com.

Selected Publications

  • Cove, M. V., and A. F. O’Connell. 2020. Global review of the effects of small carnivores on threatened species. In: Small carnivores: Evolution, ecology, behavior, and conservation. eds. E. Do Linh San, J. J. Sato, J. L. Belant, and M. J. Somers. Wiley-Blackwell.
  • Schank, C., M. V. Cove, E. Arima, L. Brandt, E. Brenes-Mora, A. Carver, A. Diaz Pulido, N. Estrada, R. Foster, O. Godinez-Gomez, B. Harmsen, C. A. Jordan, T. Keitt, M. J. Kelly, J. C. Saenz, E. Mendoza, N. Meyer, C. Nielsen, Meyer, N. Meyer, G. PozoMontuy,E. Naranjo, C. Nielsen, G. O'Farrill, R. Reyna-Hurtado, M. Rivero, J. P. Carvajal Sanchez, M. Singleton, J. A. de la Torre, M. Wood, K. Young, and J. Miller. 2020. Population status, connectivity, and conservation action for Baird’s tapir. Biological Conservation.
  • Cove, M. V., T. R. Simons, B. Gardner, and A. F. O’Connell. 2019. Towards recovery of an endangered island endemic: distributional and behavioral responses of Key Largo woodrats associated with exotic predator removal. Biological Conservation 237: 423-429.
  • Cove, M. V., C. Fergus, I. Lacher, T. Akre, and W. J. McShea. 2019. Projecting mammal distributions in response to future alternative landscapes in a rapidly transitioning region. Remote Sensing 11(21): 2482.
  • Cove, M. V., and A. S. Maurer. 2019. Home decorating by an endangered ecosystem engineer. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 17(4): 231.
  • Cove, M. V. 2019. What if trophy hunters didn’t kill their trophies? Conservation Letters 12: e12598.


Fields of Research