Bryan Stuart (Curator) and Jeffrey Beane (Collections Manager) conduct research on amphibians and reptiles in two highly diverse regions of the world, the Southeast U.S. and Southeast Asia. Bryan and Jeff share an interest in understanding the diversity, geographic distributions, and conservation needs of amphibians and reptiles. Bryan focuses much of his research on Southeast Asia, and uses molecular tools to determine evolutionary relationships and delimit species. Jeff focuses much of his research on North Carolina, and conducts detailed, long-term studies on the natural history of amphibians and reptiles. Both make extensive use of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences’ Amphibians and Reptiles collection in their research.


Since 1879, the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences has documented the biodiversity of the southeastern U.S. and beyond. This incredible record of the region’s natural history has powerful applications for research, conservation, and education. However, much of this potential remains hidden away in historic written records.

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