The ornithology unit maintains an active field research program involving banding, radio telemetry, field surveys, and specimen collection and preparation. We work both in North Carolina and in the Neotropics (principally Nicaragua, Suriname, and Guyana). John’s recent projects include telemetry on Golden-winged Warblers on their wintering grounds and a demographic study of Painted Buntings in coastal North Carolina. Brian works extensively in the Guiana Shield of northeastern South America, where he studies the spatial ecology of birds in lowland rainforest and coastal secondary forests, and has participated in several survey expeditions to unexplored regions of the Guianas. Our research is complemented by an active collecting program that seeks to augment our historical holdings with modern, data-rich specimens and associated genetic material. University students and museum Junior Curators are heavily involved with the preparation and curation of these specimens. We actively integrate students into our work to afford them the opportunity to gain experience for post-graduate careers in STEM fields.

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NC Hummers - Vagrant hummingbird sightings project and report form, coordinated by John Gerwin and Susan Campbell.