Whose Scat is that?

  • Here’s something to think about: poop. Size, shape and the content of droppings, or scat, are clues to help you identify which animal it belongs to. Can you solve the puzzle?
  • Mountains to the Sea, Piedmont Hallway
  • 2nd Floor, Nature Exploration Center

Whole Lot of Croaking Going On

  • You make the call. Each species of frog has a unique call. Can you identify the frog without seeing it?
  • Mountains to the Sea, Bottomland Hallway
  • 2nd Floor, Nature Exploration Center

Snakes of North Carolina

WRAL Storm Central

  • Test your meteorology skills at the WRAL Storm Central — a high-tech, interactive weather station where visitors use real-time data to predict tomorrow’s weather.
  • Researching Weather
  • 2nd Floor, Nature Research Center

Mitigation Simulator

  • Can you build a mitigation strategy to stabilize the atmospheric Greenhouse Gas concentration? Assemble a strategy based on your priorities and see how it compares to sample solutions.
  • Our Changing Climate
  • 2nd Floor, Nature Research Center

Monitoring Our Water

  • Test your skills collecting water dwellers from a North Carolina stream. Collect and count tiny worms, insects and shellfish, called macroinvertebrates, and find out what their presence means.
  • Protecting Fresh Water
  • 1st Floor, Nature Research Center