Treasures Unearthed

  • For Bucky Gates, Postdoctoral Fellow in the Paleontology Lab, dinosaurs are not the only thing worth unearthing. His favorite exhibit, Treasures Unearthed, is full of sparkle and glow!
  • 2nd Floor Bridge, Nature Research Center

SECU Daily Planet Theater

  • When Eric Knisley, Visualization and 3D Animation Manager, emerges from the depths of the Digital Media Lab, he doesn’t have to stray too far to get to his favorite place in the Museum. The Daily Planet ambient programs steal his attention every time.
  • 1st Floor, Nature Research Center

Brown Pelican Diorama

  • Tullie Johnson, Coordinator of Interns and Volunteers, has had 23 years of service in the Museum to decide what her favorite exhibit is. And she chooses the Brown Pelican Diorama at the end the Coastal North Carolina Gallery. This fleeting moment of the pelican’s dive for a meal has stood the test of time.
  • Coastal North Carolina Gallery
  • 1st Floor, Nature Exploration Center

Giant Ground Sloth

  • Thanks to Jon Pishney, Communications Director, the Giant Ground Sloth is getting some press. As the editor of the Naturalist Magazine, Jon knows what makes a good story, and this extinct, plant-eating beast sure has an interesting tale.
  • Prehistoric North Carolina
  • 3rd Floor, Nature Exploration Center

Researching Right Whales

  • Wendy Lovelady, Exhibit Developer, has a soft spot in her heart for a whale named Stumpy. Stumpy died in 2007, but her skeleton helped researchers change shipping regulations and save the lives of other whales.
  • 1st Floor, Nature Research Center