Brown Pelican Diorama

  • At the far end of the Coastal North Carolina exhibit hall, you’ll find a truly spectacular diorama of a pelican catching its lunch.
  • Coastal North Carolina Gallery
  • 1st Floor, Nature Exploration Center

Underground North Carolina

Glass Lizard and Greater Siren Tanks

  • Lizard or snake? Eel or salamander? Visit the tricky creatures in these tanks and find out how we identify their species despite appearances.
  • Mountains to the Sea, Savanna and Bottomland
  • 2nd Floor, Nature Exploration Center

A New Stand on T.rex

  • Discover how modern techniques are shedding new light on old bones. Learn about T. rex’s updated stance, how birds are related to dinosaurs, and more.
  • Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries
  • 3rd Floor, Nature Research Center

Window on Animal Health

Patterned by Nature

  • Every wonder what those pixelated patterns were on the giant, 4-story ribbon sculpture? Find out at the Patterned by Nature screen that overlooks the sculpture.
  • 2nd Floor, Nature Research Center