Coastal North Carolina

  • Pay a visit to Trouble, a Sperm Whale skeleton, and the rest of the fully-articulated whale skeletons hanging overhead in this exhibit hall. View them from below on the first floor, or at eye level from the second floor overlook.
  • 1st/2nd Floor, Nature Exploration Center

Mountains to the Sea

  • Let the waterfall and birdcall sounds transport you from Mountains to Piedmont to the Coastal Plain as you learn about their ecosystems and history.
  • 2nd Floor, Nature Exploration Center

Terror of the South

  • Stand amid a prehistoric battle: the predatory dinosaur Acrocanthosaurus pursues its 50-foot-long prey, a lumbering plant-eater, in this exhibit.
  • 3rd Floor, Nature Exploration Center

Naturalist Center

  • The hands-on, high-tech Naturalist Center is a must-see! Pick up on one of the 20,000 showcased specimens and use one of the interactive tabletops to learn all about it.
  • 2nd Floor, Nature Research Center

Unraveling DNA

SECU Daily Planet Theater

  • Sit inside the Museum’s iconic globe and enjoy compilations of spectacular scenes from nature and regularly-scheduled science presentations.
  • 1st Floor, Nature Research Center