Endangered Species of NC

Tropical Connections

  • Dive into your role as a steward of the environment in this exhibit. Find out some simple do’s and don’ts for treating the earth respectfully.
  • 3rd Floor, Nature Exploration Center

Diversity of Life

  • Step-up your understanding of what biodiversity means, why it’s important, and where we find it though remarkable dioramas and videos.
  • 2nd Floor, Nature Research Center

Climate Change Will Change our Lives

  • Listen to testimonials from experts and students about climate change and how it could affect species on land and in the sea.
  • Our Changing Climate
  • 2nd Floor, Nature Research Center

Protecting Fresh Water

  • Clean waterways are vital to the variety of plant and animal life that live in local wetlands, rivers, and streams. Discover how urban and wild habitats can co-exist without threatening the area’s biodiversity.
  • 1st Floor, Nature Research Center