Gar and Snapping Turtle Tanks

  • These photogenic swimmers are just asking to be part of a selfie. Learn a little about these North Carolina natives and the ecosystems they call home.
  • Mountains to Sea Gallery
  • 2nd Floor, Nature Exploration Center

Tropical Connections

Snakes of North Carolina

  • Meet many of the slithering citizens of our state in this live animal display. Learn which native snakes lay eggs or bear live young, how long they grow and where they are found.
  • 3rd Floor, Nature Exploration Center

Living Conservatory

  • Live butterflies accompany you as you explore the Museum’s Living Conservatory and search for the two-toed sloth. Filled with tropical plants and animals, the Conservatory recreates the sights, sounds, and smells of a dry tropical forest.
  • 4th Floor, Nature Exploration Center

Our Changing Oceans Tank

  • This 10,000-gallon aquarium replicates a typical hardbottom habitat off the North Carolina coast. It includes over a dozen fish species that are found on the North Carolina Coast.
  • 1st Floor, Nature Research Center

GloFish Tank

  • Check out a tank of the first genetically-modified pets available in the US, the GloFish. Find out what’s unique about their DNA.
  • Unraveling DNA
  • 3rd Floor, Nature Research Center