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Live Events

Illustration of half logical brain and half creative brain.

Virtual Trivia Tuesday

Tuesdays at 6pm

Register for interactive Virtual Trivia Tuesdays! This is a great opportunity to virtually mingle with friends, compete for bragging rights and perhaps even learn something cool. Questions feature a mix of science facts, current news, pop culture and scientific discoveries.

Register at this link to play January 19!

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15 antique jars filled with parasites. Photo: Paul Fetters for the Smithsonian Institution.

Science Tonight: Save the Parasites

Thursday, January 21

While on its surface the idea of parasite conservation might seem counterintuitive, a deeper dive reveals just how important it is to global biodiversity. This might be surprising, because we don’t often hear about positive impacts of parasites like worms, lice and mites, but parasites can actually benefit communities of wildlife to which they belong. There is even evidence that controlled exposure to parasites is beneficial to human health! Join Dr. Kelly Speer to discuss the importance of parasites to healthy ecosystems and find out for yourself why parasite conservation matters so much.

Join us for Science Tonight on YouTube

Science Tonight (formerly the Science Cafe) is a livestream show for people who want to know more. Host Chris Smith talks with interesting people making exciting, everyday discoveries in science, nature, tech and more. Watch every Thursday night to grow your brain and get the latest stories in the science world.

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Member-exclusive Events

Dr. Dan with a large snapping turtle.

Member Tour: Window on Animal Health Live

Thursday, January 14, 3–3:30pm

The Museum maintains thousands of live animals including birds, small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and even invertebrates for educational programs and exhibits. Whether they fly, crawl, swim, slither or hop, the veterinary staff regularly performs wellness exams as part of a preventative medicine program to keep all the Museum animals healthy. Join us for a front-row seat view of exotic animal veterinary medical procedures and post your best questions for Dr. Dan in the chat.

Current membership and preregistration required. Recommended for all ages. Not a member yet? Join today!

Register for Member Tour: Window on Animal Health Live

Join us for a series of fun, family-friendly programs — just for members! Each month, we’ll bring you an exclusive glimpse into nature and opportunities to engage with Museum experts.

Member-exclusive Events

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Natural Sciences Classroom

California Sea Lion in sunbeams.

Fail! How Rockets and Spacecraft Blow Up and Crash

Tuesday, January 26, 11:00–noon

What can go wrong to make a rocket explode or a spacecraft crash? Find out!

Event is free, but space is limited. Registration is required. Accessibility accommodations, such as an ASL Interpreter or captioning services, can be requested upon registration. We ask that requests be made at least one week before the program so that we can provide the best accommodations to you.

Register for Fail! How Rockets and Spacecraft Blow Up and Crash

Join a Natural Sciences Classroom every Tuesday at 11am for a fun, interactive experience with Museum experts! All ages are welcome, but we recommend this program for ages 8 and above.

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