Final Fridays

Museum’s new Final Fridays program explores intersection of science and cinema, begins Aug. 26

August 11, 2016

RALEIGH — Friday night programming at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is back with new movies, programs, food, and a new name — Final Fridays! Do zombies exist? Are there really 40-foot-long anacondas? Did old sci-fi movies get anything right about the 21st Century? On Final Fridays, you’re invited to come explore the… Read More >

Painting by Rosalynn Villaescusa.

Nature Art Gallery presents Under The Microscope, artwork by Rosalynn Villaescusa, now through August 28

August 8, 2016

RALEIGH — The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences’ Nature Art Gallery is currently featuring the artwork of North Carolina artist Rosalynn Villaescusa now through Sunday, August 28. The paintings included in Under the Microscope were completed in 2010.  Each oil painting was completed by observing magnified insects. Using the intricate detail in their forms… Read More >

Accessibility and Sensory-friendly Night graphic

Museum hosts its first Accessibility and Sensory-Friendly Night for families with special needs, August 11

August 2, 2016

RALEIGH — Nearly 13 percent of North Carolinians have some form of disability and the Autism Society of North Carolina estimates that 1 in 68 children born today has some form of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Because the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences is dedicated to making education equal for all and removing the barriers… Read More >

The Secret World Inside You - Microbe vs. Microbe

NC Museum of Natural Sciences to reveal The Secret World Inside You — microbes!

August 1, 2016

New exhibition, opening Oct. 22, explores microscopic organisms that live on us and in us RALEIGH — The microbes in and on your body are more numerous than the stars in the Milky Way. Clump them together, and they weigh about as much as your brain — approximately three pounds. Microbes — the term used… Read More >

Museum educator Bob Alderink makes rope during a survival skills class

Museum hosts Pioneer Night, July 21: Do you have what it takes to survive?

June 30, 2016

RALEIGH — Can you  imagine a world without cell phones, the internet or electronics? Could you survive off the land if you had to? Could you navigate without your GPS or make fire to stay warm? You might be surprised to find out just how skilled at survival you really are. On Thursday, July 21… Read More >