You are invited to join Museum staff and volunteers for our September “Green” Challenge…Arthropod Conservation in honor of BugFest!  This challenge is a way to learn how you can take actions in your daily life to help our buggy friends.  Examples of actions are:

  • Plant native plants to sustain native arthropods
  • Attend a BugFest program
  • Contribute an arthropod to iNaturalist
  • Read a book about bugs (reading list included!)
  • Don’t spray pesticides or herbicides

Each action you take gives you points…the more actions, the more points!  At the end of the month, the person with the most points will win a free BugFest t-shirt!  Participants are also invited to a special Google Chatroom so we can all share our photos and our thoughts about how we can take action to save the bugs – some of the most important animals on the planet!

If you would like to participate, email Kari Wouk at