Grade level stated in the program descriptions are for the upcoming school year, 2017-2018. Each child can enroll in up to 2 weeks of camp.

All cancellations, registration for more than 2 camps per child, or incorrect grade level registrations incur a $30.00 processing fee per camp.

Please check our online registration system, Active Network, for the most up-to-date camp availability. Webpage updated daily.

Bacterial Biotech!

Explore the world of biotechnology research through a variety of hands-on lab techniques. Investigate DNA transcription and translation processes, protein synthesis and expression by conducting experiments using bacteria as a model organism. Learn techniques used by researchers and biotech industry professionals such as bacterial transformation, gel electrophoresis, column chromatography and protein electrophoresis. Consider the ethical… Read More >

LEGO Intro to STEM

This camp will spring into action! Join our staff and Play-Well TEKnologies to design your own catapult. Tap into your imagination to create boats, snowmobiles, merry-go-rounds and more! We will explore the Museum for inspiration for your unique LEGO® creations. Questions: Please visit the Summer Camp Frequently Asked Questions page for more information or contact… Read More >

LEGO STEM Challenge

Challenge your inner engineer as we take a look at real-world concepts in physics and architecture. Raise pneumatic cranes, build arch bridges, and launch catapults.  A battletracks challenge will round off the week. We will split our time between exploring the Museum and building LEGO® with Play-Well TEKnologies staff. Questions: Please visit the Summer Camp… Read More >


Ready to power your engineering skills? Design and build as never before. Let loose your craziest ideas to create snowmobiles, catapults, and battletracks! Explore the Museum’s architecture to create indestructible towns and towers. We will split our time between exploring the Museum and building LEGO® with Play-Well TEKnologies staff. Questions: Please visit the Summer Camp… Read More >

Woodland Adventure

From groundhogs to rabbits, tree-frogs to rolly pollies, we will explore the “wilds “of Prairie Ridge Ecostation. Come make mud pies, roll in the grass, and crawl though the groundhog tunnel. This outdoor adventure launches from the Nature PlaySpace and outdoor classroom with forays into the prairie and woods surrounding the Ecostation. Prairie Ridge Ecostation… Read More >

“Ology” Camp

Did you ever want to dig deeper into the world of “ologies”? This is the camp for you! Come explore the worlds of mammalogy (mammals), paleontology (ancient life), ornithology (birds) and geology (rocks and minerals). Each day we will tackle a new one with real specimens, models, live animals and behind-the-scenes tours. Questions: Please visit… Read More >

Healthy Habitats

Come explore the habitats of Prairie Ridge Ecostation. We will discover how native plants and animals adapt to local conditions. As we take an in-depth look at what thrives in the Piedmont soil, prairie, forest, and pond, we will build skills to champion habitats in our neighborhoods. Prairie Ridge Ecostation is a field station of… Read More >

Mountains to the Sea

North Carolina has it all! Join us as we explore our state from the mountains to the sea! Starting at coast we will explore aquaculture and whale conservation. Next we will move into our backyard, the Piedmont, with a focus on local wildlife and how to identify them. We will wrap up the week exploring… Read More >

Nature Explorers

Calling all campers who are curious, full of questions and eager to investigate what lives in the mud around us! Campers will use scientific tools to learn how worms survive and why some insects like to eat our food. Join us as we visit the bee hive in our Discovery Room, rock our way through… Read More >

Wet and Wild Naturalist

Do you ever wonder what’s beneath the surface of ponds and streams? Do you love to look for life in and around the water? Then this camp is for you! Based at Prairie Ridge Ecostation, we will discover aquatic science through hands-on activities, experiments, and observations! See how pollution and flash flooding affects aquatic animals… Read More >

Junior Biologist

Plan to get wet, dirty and completely immersed in the world of field research. This camp offers you a unique experience using the tools and techniques Museum researchers use to investigate the animals of Prairie Ridge Ecostation. Your team will focus on using several field research techniques to collect data and formulate hypotheses. On Friday… Read More >