What is the Natural World Investigation Laboratory?

The Natural World Investigate Lab is a free public laboratory that is open seven days a week and located on the second floor of the Nature Research Center. The primary focus of the lab is to allow visitors a hands-on experience with real laboratory equipment. During public hours you may visit several experiment stations and participate in important lab skills like accurate measurement using pipettes, graduated cylinders, and flasks. You can spend a lot of time using microscopes to focus on interesting specimens including fire ants, butterfly wings, and even live, wriggling mosquito larvae. There are on-going sciences projects the staff are working on in the lab for you to view. Past projects have included an algae photo-reactor for producing biofuels and bioremediation experiments using duckweed and other plants to purify water. Additionally, the lab offers homeschoolers and public schools classes a wide variety of topics including fossils, geology, animal adaptations, chemistry, and physics.

Staff and volunteers are always on hand to lend assistance and answer your science questions.