The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences' Invertebrate Paleontology Collection contains approximately 56,000+ specimens (11,000+ lots). Founded in the late 1800s, the collection consists of approximately 80% North Carolina material, although 40 states, 39 countries, and more than 1400 species are represented. The Invertebrate Paleontology Collection currently contains 17 holotype and 54 paratype specimens, a representative North Carolina and Southeast regional collection of Cenozoic and Mesozoic molluscan, echinoderm and crustacean fossils, along with a small but significant collection of Ediacaran body and trace fossils from south central North Carolina. The Invertebrate Paleontology Collection houses individual specimens, slabs containing multiple specimens, microfossils, matrix samples, and all supporting legacy data.

Due to an upcoming collections move the Paleontology Unit is not currently accepting loan requests. Specimen rehousing and transfer is expected to continue through 2018, during which time large portions of the collections will be unavailable for visitation and research. Requests to visit the collections will be considered on a case by case basis; however, requestors are advised to expect and plan for significant delays in access. For more information, or to schedule a invertebrate paleontology collections visit, please contact Christian Kammerer, Curator of Paleontology, at christian.kammerer@naturalsciences.org or 919.707.9939.

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