Spy Science

Enter the world of historical espionage and learn from an actual event, the Battle of New York, how Colonial spies used the principles of chemistry, geology, and biology, as well as the beginnings of cryptography, to ensure their messages got safely to the intended party. Learn also about the cultural views regarding spies, the evolution of the battle, and how General George Washington and his army barely escaped total destruction.
Program length is 45 minutes.

This virtual program is designed to connect your group with a Museum educator online for an interactive program. Whether your students are learning from home or in the classroom (or both), using videoconferencing platforms, students can participate to learn about our natural world.

Curriculum Correlation(s):   5.P.2, 5.H.1, 5.H.2, 5.L.2, 6.P.2, 6.H.2, 6.C.1, 6.L.2, 7.L.1, 8.P.1, 8.L.1, 8.H.2

Scheduling Instructions: Scheduling for the upcoming 2022-2023 school year will begin on Tuesday, August 16 for dates in October – January, and Tuesday, August 30 for dates in February – May. To schedule, please fill out the Virtual Group Program Scheduling Request Form.