Old News Live Stream

The fossils are old, but discoveries are new! Join host Laura Beth Speer and Dr. Christian Kammerer, Research Curator of Paleontology, as they dive into research and discoveries made by paleontologists around the world. Each month brings new fossils, ancient organisms, and clues to help us understand earth’s history.

Old News airs on YouTube live once a month September-May, with a summer break when paleontologists are actively doing field work. Programs include a live Q&A and Old News Bingo; materials shared with registrants before the program.

Science Curriculum Correlation(s): 8.E.2, 8.L.4, Bio 3.4, Bio 3.5

Registration Instructions: Click here to register for every program this school year or every program in the series. To register for one program at a time, view the Old News schedule on our website.