All activities are from 7-10pm unless otherwise noted.


7:30pm, 8:30pm: Let’s Get Quizzical!
This 80s and Stranger Things inspired trivia will turn your brain upside down. Compete for bragging rights and prizes.

7:30-9pm: Steve’s Hairstyle Secrets
Meraki Salon
The 80s hair game was all about defying gravity with big, loud hair. Would you have rocked the Whale Spout, The Poof, Locs, Tight Curls or the Mullet back in the day? Find out in our 80s hair demo, featuring stylists from Meraki Salon. Get your hair coiffed and learn what it takes to sculpt stylish perfection in hair.

Chemistry to Dye For
Dr. Tova Williams, Dye Chemistry Lab (NCSU)
Explore the chemistry of hair dyes and learn about toxicity concerns of dyes used prior to the 1980s and dyes still on the market today. Discover how computers are used as tools to design eco-friendly hair dyes.

80s Dance Party in the Globe
Dance the night away to hits from the 1980s, featuring DJ Al-Ski Love of SPIN.

Hawkins National Laboratory
NC State, Leading Strand
Step into this artistic simulation of radiotherapy for the treatment of cancer. Use the console to target the tumor while preserving healthy tissue and experience critical aspects of the radiotherapy process that rely on sophisticated mathematical models developed at NC State.

Retro Hoodies
Friends of the Museum
Pay homage to Dustin’s Thunder Lizard Brontosaurus sweatshirt with your very own throwback Trouble the Whale hoodie for $25. Proceeds support Museum programs, research and exhibits.

Costume Contest
Come dressed in your favorite 80s-era Halloween costume and win cool prizes. Dust off those proton packs and jazzercise leotards and make sure you’re dressed to the 11s. Must register and be present to win. Winners will be announced at 9:30pm.

Weird Science
Play with polymers, eat a “worm” and get your hands dirty with our weird science experiments.


Monster Mash: Designing the Demogorgon
Can you imagine living in a world with a creature like the Demogorgon? Incredible strength, regenerative healing, armored flesh to withstand incredible damage, and terrifying and grotesque features, all unrivaled in our known world…or are they? Learn about the real-life animal inspirations for the monsters from the darker side of Hawkins.

Power of Eleven
Harness your psychic and telekinetic powers to duel your fellow Hawkins Laboratory test subjects in Mindflex.

The Video Vortex
AV Geeks

Monstrous Plants
NC State, Dr. David Suchoff
Department of Crop and Soil Sciences

The Demogorgon: part predator, part plant. Totally terrifying. Discover the real world carnivorous plants that inspired the Monster.

Visit the Void
You don’t need Eleven’s float tank to visit another dimension. Participate in our sensory experiments to reach an altered state of mind.

Nothing Stranger
Biodiversity Research Lab


Beyond Demogorgon: Real Gorgons From Our Prehistoric Past
Paleontology Unit
Discover saber-toothed prehistoric predators known as “gorgons”, 260-million-year-old carnivores distantly related to mammals like ourselves.

Stranger Flings
Ichthyology Unit
Discover the stranger things about the underwater realm and the creature that inspired the Demogorgon — the shark! Test your grip against the strength of a shark’s bite, break the genetic code with our light-up alphabet and see which fish species would make successful mating partners.

Swarm Intelligence
Evolutionary Biology & Behavior Research Lab
Explore how fire ants think like the Mind Flayer, find out in which collective colony you belong and see tunnel systems built by architects.

Hawkins Middle AV Club
Visual World iLab
Play retro video games and learn about 3D printing technology.

Strange DNA: Rare Mutations and the Effects of LSD
Genomics & Microbiology Research Lab
Explore some of the rare conditions caused by genetic mutations and learn how our DNA can be affected by LSD and more.

Mr. Clarke’s Science Lab
Micro World iLab

Stranger Things in the Universe and Beyond
Astronomy & Astrophysics Research Lab
Visit the lab to meet astrophysicists and explore oddball galaxies, parallel universes and unexplained phenomena in the Universe without entering the Upside Down.


Palace Arcade
Can you beat Mad Max’s high score in Dig Dug? Climb to the top of the leaderboard in our 80’s arcade, featuring pinball, After Burner, Centipede, Dig Dug, Galaga and more.

Stranger Games
Half Empty E-Tank
Relive your nostalgia with the newest home arcade games from the 1980’s. Dragon’s Lair? Check. Dig Dug? Check. Duck Hunt? Check and so much more.

Christmas Lights Codebreaker
Compete against each other to decode Will’s messages from the Upside Down.

Snow Ball Members Lounge
Friends of the Museum
Catalysts and Museum members will have exclusive access to this lounge, featuring themed giveaways, food and ambiance. Members can register to win a 90-minute session in Areté’s sensory deprivation float tank, among other fun prizes.

Upside Down Portal
Step through our portal to immerse yourself in the Upside Down using green screen technology.

Follow the Eno
Eno River Association
Did you catch the Eno River easter egg in Season 2? Learn more about the North Carolina setting that made its way into the show.

Mapping the Upside Down
Let the Mind Flayer take control and add your now-memories to Will’s map in the Byers’ home.

Eight’s Illusions
Don’t lose your mind! This Hawkins Lab experiment will test your perceptions against reality.

Power of Eleven
Harness your psychic and telekinetic powers to duel your fellow Hawkins Laboratory test subjects in Mindflex.


10pm-2am: After Party
Pick up your complimentary token card and keep the party going at Boxcar Bar + Arcade, 330 West Davie Street in downtown Raleigh’s Warehouse District. Keep your eye out for Boxcar Durham, coming in late fall 2018.
Sponsored by Boxcar Bar + Arcade