Triangle SciTech Expo

Saturday, April 28, 2018




10:30am: Microbial Fingerprints in Our Food
Marianne Barrier PhD, Lab Manager, Genomics & Microbiology Research Lab
NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Learn how scientists in the Museum’s genomics and microbiology research lab use DNA fingerprinting to identify the microscopic creatures that create the varied flavors and textures of cheeses and other fermented foods.

noon: Neuroscience!
John Meitzen, PhD, Assistant Professor
North Carolina State University
In this short, fun and interactive presentation we will talk about neuroscience, look at a real human brain, and talk about natural differences in brain function induced by hormone action.

1:30pm: Chocolate Making From Tree to Bar
Hallot Parson, Co-Founder & Chocolate Maker
Escazu Chocolates
This presentation will detail trips to South and Central American cacao farms, with photography showing the remote nature of some of these regions.  The process of harvesting, fermentation and drying will be discussed as well as the roasting, winnowing and chocolate making process once they get the cacao to their shop in Raleigh.

3:00pm: From Robby the Robot to Now — Fiction to Reality
Marie Hopper, President
FIRST North Carolina
We will look at how robots have evolved in our culture from movies and cartoons to our everyday lives.  A fun journey through history to explore how fiction has shaped our current reality.

Windows on the World — 3rd floor, Nature Exploration Center

11:00am, 1:00pm and 3:00pm: States of Matter: Cool Chemistry!
Dr. Sol Levine, NC Section of the American Chemical Society and North Carolina State University
We will look at examples of all four states of matter as well as do demonstrations with liquid nitrogen, dry ice and liquefied carbon dioxide.  We will discuss many uses of each.