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Museum Experiences | November 2019 | December 2019 | January 2020

Take it Outside on the Prairie

Prairie Ridge Ecostation

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Opportunities for Teens

Museum Experiences

Discover November 2019

Museum highlights for November
Date Title Times Comment
1 Teen Science Cafe: The Eyes Have It 6-7pm Teens
2 Diversify STEM: Youth Connections 9-10:30am Teens
7 Science Trivia! 7-8:30 pm
9 Darwin Day 9am-5pm
14 Science Cafe: A Primate With a Panda’s Thumb?! 7-8:30pm
Hidden in Plain Sight 5-6:30pm
16 Bird Banding Demo: Session 1
Bird Banding Demo: Session 2
Bird Banding Demo: Session 3
Members Only
21 Science in the Movies 7-8:30pm
28 Museum Closed for Thanksgiving All locations
29 Finally Friday: Gremlins 5:30-9pm Member Discount

Discover December 2019

Museum highlights for December
Date Title Times Comment
5 Science Trivia! 7-8:30pm
6 Teen Science Cafe: Forensics & Dogs 6-7pm Teens
12 Science Cafe: Cognitive Aging 7-8:30pm
Hidden in Plain Sight 5-6:30pm
14 Photos With Santa Claws 1pm-4pm Members Only
19 Science Cafe: Say Cheese! 7-8:30pm
21 Dinosaurs’ Night Before Christmas: 1
Dinosaurs’ Night Before Christmas: 2
Museum Closed for Winter Holiday
Museum Closed for Winter Holiday
All locations
26 Science Cafe: Holiday Trivia! 7-8:30pm
27 Finally Friday: Harry Potter & the Sorcerer’s Stone 5:30-9pm Member Discount
31 First Night Raleigh 4-10pm

Discover January 2020

Museum highlights for January
Date Title Times Comment
1 Museum Closed for New Year’s Day 7-8:30pm
2 Science Trivia! 7-8:30pm
3 Teen Science Cafe: Entomology 6-7pm Teens
9 Science Cafe: Bears and Coyotes in the Triangle 7-8:30pm
16 Hidden in Plain Sight 5-6:30pm
17 Finally Friday: E.T. the Extra-terrestrial 5:30-9pm Member Discount
23 Science Cafe: Why Explore Space 7-8:30pm
Astronomy Days
Astronomy Days
Member VIP
30 Science Cafe: Executive Order 80 7-8:30pm