Diaphanous Days: A Look at Some Bees, Wasps, and Their Look-alikes in a Piedmont Urban Setting

A bumblebee on a yellow flower
  • Tuesday September 14, 2021
  • 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
  • John Gerwin
  • NC Museum of Natural Sciences
  • Audience: Family
  • Curriculum Correlation: (2.L.1.1)(2.L.1.2)(4.L.1.1)(4.L.1.3)(EX.4.L.1.3)(5.L.2.3)(6.L.1.1)(EX.7.L.1.1)(EX.7.L.1.2)(EX.7.L.1.3)(8.L.3.2)

For the past decade John has enjoyed some intense gardening and attracting pollinators to his yard. Among the many insects he has documented are some fascinating hymenopterans. He hadn't realized so many different kinds could co-exist in his little yard. We will look at a few of these, explore some of their life cycle elements, and compare to some "mimics": various flies that look like wasps.